About Paradigm

Companies that implement sustainable solutions not only benefit from reduced environmental impacts, they boost revenue, reduce risk, and minimize wasted resources. Sustainable companies are better positioned to attract top talent, enter new market segments, grow retail presence, and maintain customer loyalty and brand image. However, implementing effective solutions for business sustainability requires in-depth technical expertise, leaving it one of today’s most underutilized competitive advantages.

We derived our unique, data-driven methodology from experience working with industry leaders to replace negative “soft science” connotations with results. Energetic and passionate, our team better understands today’s stakeholder demands and creates innovative and impactful solutions that increase competitive advantage.

Paradigm Sustainability Hexagons

Our Team

The associates at Paradigm utilize a robust skillset to develop sustainable solutions that lead to measurable results. Our associates can help your business draft a sustainability plan that is right for you, and help you effectively communicate performance improvements to your customers. Our associates have partnered with top companies, producer groups and government agencies to develop sustainability solutions for a wide range of organizations.

The associates at Paradigm are experts in strategic planning, life cycle assessment, supply chain analysis, risk assessment, and stakeholder engagement. Our team also has experience implementing top-down solutions at the facility level, giving us valuable insights for overcoming obstacles that may arise as you put commercial-scale solutions into action.