Reporting and Compliance

In today’s world, sustainability reporting and compliance are increasingly common requirements for any business. Adherence to a specific sustainability reporting standard is often a requisite for doing business with some of the world’s largest retailers, and reporting compliance is frequently a must in order for companies to retain the legal and social license to conduct business. Many companies view compliance in a reactionary manner, but at Paradigm, our clients benefit from the proactive adoption of responsible business solutions.

Paradigm Sustainability Reporting and Compliance - infographic

Companies with proactive sustainability initiatives find themselves several steps ahead of the competition when faced with unforeseen regulations and buyer demands. Businesses that rank highly when assessed based on their sustainable performance incur fewer compliance-related costs because they made adjustments in production on their own timeline, in anticipation of evolving regulatory requirements and consumer preferences. These forward-thinking business strategies place companies ahead of the compliance curve and promote brand loyalty.

With the growing number of available standards and organizations, it is often difficult for companies to choose an appropriate system for sustainability reporting. The associates at Paradigm offer expertise in corporatesustainability compliance, and will help your company develop a reporting framework that is right for you. Contact us to learn more about our services.