Our Services

At Paradigm, we bring a combination of sustainability and business expertise to our solutions, resulting in impactful competitive advantage for our clients. We offer a full range of consulting services and support, tailored to meet your business needs. Below is an abridged list of the expert services provided by our associates. Contact us for a complete list of services and for more information.

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Sustainability Planning

The associates at Paradigm understand the pressures businesses face from evolving regulatory policies, business-to-business requirements and consumer preferences. Our consultants draw on this expertise to develop effective business strategies with clearly defined priorities and key performance indicators for tracking continued performance. Full-scale planning includes audit, prioritization, risk assessment, benchmarking, goal setting and execution.

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Life Cycle Assessment

LCA is the internationally recognized method for quantifying the environmental impacts of a system or product across its life cycle. These scientifically rigorous assessments are essential when comparing materials and manufacturing processes and during the product development phase.

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Reporting and Compliance

As companies work to develop sustainability strategies and benchmark performance, the effective communication of goals and results to stakeholders is critical. These stakeholder groups can include government regulators, NGOs, buyers and international customers, with each group imposing unique reporting requirements. The associates at Paradigm help companies gather the information necessary for reporting, and ensure that our clients are adhering to industry standards for compliance.

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Third Party Review

Verifying the accuracy of assessment results is an important step towards establishing legitimacy in any sustainability reporting process. At Paradigm, our team provides detailed reviews of sustainability reports, and ensures that all claims meet both client and industry standards for assessment quality.

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Data Collection & Management

Implementing an effective data collection and management system is important for tracking sustainability performance. The associates at Paradigm work with companies to ensure that their environmental data is efficiently collected, analyzed, and secured.